It's time to beat Google at its own game. They've got Street View? We'll have Aerial View, shots of the world from 100 feet up. It'll sell better than Seven Minute Abs and these seven tools will help you do it.

Giraffe Cam

Yes, I suppose you could accomplish the same shot by clambering up a nearby flag pole, but wouldn't it be easier to just mount a telescoping mast to the rear bumper of your truck? The Giraffe Cam reaches a maximum height of 100 feet and can hold up to 450 pounds of recording equipment. $built to spec

Kingfisher Aerostat

If you need a very tall, very stationary shot, aerostats are the way to go. They cost virtually nothing to operate—outside the cost of helium—and the Kingfisher series can lift loads from 4.5 to 40 pounds as high as 1000 feet. starting at $1,200

MD4-1000 Quadcopter

If it's good enough for Rupert Murdoch, it's damn well good enough for you. ~ $15,000

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Parrot AR Drone



Whaddya mean you don't have $15k to throw down on a quadcopter? You could do just as well using the wide-angle VGA lens mounted on the front end of an AR Drone, or hell, just strap a GoPro to its underside. $300

Jolly Roger F4E Phantom

No Top Gun fanfic is complete without a DIY dogfight scene. This R/C F4E Phantom records up to 4 hours of AVI video and WAV audio using an 18 gram camcorder mounted on its belly. $170

The Bat Cam

Sadly no, this isn't a Batman Bat Cam—that would involve way more brooding and carbon fiber. This prototype Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) was developed by a US Army-funded research program, measuring six inches long and weighing only four ounces. It has the ability to scavenge power from solar, wind and kinetic sources. Photo Credit: Eric Maslowsk. $22.5 million in funding so far

SR-71 Blackbird

The end all, be all in aerial surveillance. The SR-71 Blackbird is the only plane in US aviation history to run continuously on afterburners. Its typical cruising speed was Mach 3.2 and its service ceiling was 85,000 feet, making it the fastest and highest-flying plane in the world during its reign. And using the HYCON Technical Objective Camera (with a six inch resolution), it can totally see your house from here. $33,000,000


Top art courtesy of Thomas Barrat / Shutterstock