Models Fall Down, Go Boom

The shame is that this could all have been avoided if they had just turned left.[BoingBoing]

The Stoner Channel: Chuck Norris—The Movie, Mike Tyson's (Real Life) Punch Out, and RI Is OK with MJ


Nepal Narcos Nab 2.5 Tons of Sticky Icky

Nepalese Police made the largest drug bust in the nation's history on Monday when officers seized two and a half tons of dank from a major dealer in Kathmandu. The fuzz found 5,820 pounds of weed bound and waiting for transport to India, with a local street value of just $155,000—or not enough to even buy a house Stockton, CA. [WPD - Image: Invisible Hand]

Mike Tyson's Best First Round Knockouts

You know, I bet getting punched by Iron Mike doesn't even hurt that much—on account of you becoming instantly unconscious.


Chuck Norris: The Movie

Behold, Mike Tyson's only known natural predator.

The Stoner Channel: Chuck Norris—The Movie, Mike Tyson's (Real Life) Punch Out, and RI Is OK with MJ

Rhode Island Decriminalizes the Ounce

Rhode Island took the unprescedented step yesterday of decriminalizing marijuana. According to a report from the Providence Journal:

The law, which takes effect April 1, 2013, says possessing an ounce or less will become a civil violation with a $150 fine, akin to a ticket. It also states that three such violations within 18 months would be a misdemeanor with larger fines and/or prison.

Half of collected fines are to be spent on drug-awareness and -treatment programs for youths.
Offenders under age 18 will have parents notified, have to complete a court-approved or juvenile hearing board-approved drug-awareness program, and do community service. Failure to do those within a year would increase the fine to $300.

So while it isn't quite Amsterdam legal, RI is probably the best place in America to get caught holding. Hell, I've gotten parking tickets more expensive than this. [Providence Journal - Image: Mike D]