Why Microsoft Needs To Build Its Own Tablet

Let's assume, just for fun, that Microsoft really is going to announce its own tablet on Monday. There are only two questions we should be asking ourselves: would it be a good idea? Or would it be the best idea?

The Tablet Case

All we know for sure is that Microsoft has an event on Monday, in Los Angeles, and that it's going to be major. But that doesn't mean we can't deduce; Microsoft's Windows Phonapalooza is that Wednesday, so any look at the next generation of live tiles will wait until then. Making this much ado about its Yammer acquisition would be a cry for help. And Windows 8 is already pretty much a done deal.

Process of elimination, then, doesn't leave us with many options. A new phone? Doesn't seem likely; Microsoft's still in a big comfy bed with Nokia. And while Lumia 900 sales haven't been what either company might have hoped, the product itself doesn't have the kind of glaring faults that might spur a break-up. A star-studded preview of Office 87? See: Yammer sadness.

So that leaves us with two options for Monday: