Along with propagating inane hashtags like #NameYourDickAfterAMovie*, Twitter is also horribly ruthless when it comes to spoiling movies and TV shows. To prevent an unwelcome spoiler, you have to basically abstain from Twitter when a show like Breaking Bad comes on or when a big movie like The Dark Knight Rises comes out. But that's not the only way! Here's how to make your Twitter spoiler-free.

BuzzFeed FWD came up with a good guide on how to filter out specific words and phrases from your timeline and here's the breakdown for each platform.

Twitter for Web

  • Download a Chrome plug-in called Open Tweet Filter from the Chrome Web Store
  • Click 'Filter' from the top, black menu bar on
  • Add words, phrases and users you don't want to see anymore (ie batman, breaking bad, etc.)
  • Tweetdeck

    Twitter apps

    And there you have it, filtering tweets will give you a spoiler-free (or as close as you could get) Twitter experience. [BuzzFeed FWD]

    *#NameYourDickAfterAMovie: The Dark Knight Rises, Waist Deep, Natural Treasure: Book of Secrets, Gone in 60 Seconds, hell, any Nic Cage movie really