Apple doesn't make a standup dock for the iPhone 5, which sucks. Normally we'd turn to our friends in China to do what Apple can't (or won't), but in this case, no: purported Lightning docks are complete broken fakery.

Our connector maven pal Peter from Double Helix Cables just got a copy of a purported iPhone 5 dock, and has some bad news:

" a piece of shit."


Opening up the box and out pops this stinker. I did a double take because it looked like a prank, prop, or placeholder of some sort.nThe lightning plug on the dock looks like a damn piece of cardboard, if you can even call it that. Because it's a cardboard-like chunk of circuit board that supposedly is going to fit into my iPhone 5.

The back of the dock has a reasonable-looking Lightning female jack that seems to fit a Lightning cord. Inside there's a few integrated circuits and a few resistors performing God knows what purpose, technically you could make a Lightning extension cord with no chips on it if you're just extending the pins as this thing out to be doing. The "lightning" plug is a chunk of circuit board connected to a ribbon cable, going to the strange board in the back. There's a weight inside the dock as with Apple docks in the past for a weighty feel that is a stark contrast to the home brewed lightning plug.

So don't fall for it. Wait for a semi-reputable company to churn one out, or at least an anonymous Chinese bootleg mill that bothers to make a fake dock that your iPhone can at least fit onto.