Some Shooting Challenges are crazy-popular, others, usually falling over the holidays, are eerily quiet. So this week, for our Rockwell remake results, we're going to highlight our favorite of a small bunch, by Andrew Drozd.

I am a graphic design teacher at the Academy of Urban Planning, a public high school in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. On Wednesday we created cards and buttons to express gratitude for loved ones. Moments before class, though, I spotted the Rockwell contest on Gizmodo and thought this would be a great learning opportunity. My kids were unfamiliar with "Freedom from Want" but now have a deeper appreciation for Rockwell's art; a few included his paintings in to their Holiday cards.

Thanks for inspiring this teachable moment!

My camera: Olympus SP-570UZ.

It was a clever idea, using a composite in this shot to mix worlds old and it meant that Drozd didn't need to cook a whole Thanksgiving dinner just to get the shot! (Then again, it means no delicious leftovers, either.)

Thanks for sharing the story, Andrew, and for letting Giz corrupt the minds of a few more of the young and impressionable.