8 Awesome* Teched-Out Christmas SweatersS

*These are awesome in the sheer sense that they are so terrible. You would think nothing could make them any less terrible. But the thing is, they all have some unusual, surprising use of technology. It may get lost in the hideousness, but it is definitely there—a little LED, a video display, or some musical number. So please enjoy (but probably don't ever wear) these eight awesome, terrible, teched-out sweaters.

8 Awesome* Teched-Out Christmas SweatersS

Abominable Snowman Light Up Sweater

Remember those god-awful children's Christmas specials from the '70s? You should, CBS is still beating that dead horse in 2012. But if you don't, just know that's what the crazed looking monster what's enshrined in twinkling lights is from. [Etsy]

DIY Animatronic Fireplace Sweater

This is an awful lot of work to make something that looks like you've lost a bet. [Incredible Things]

8 Awesome* Teched-Out Christmas SweatersS

This Sweater Plays "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town"

The act of wearing this sweater actually violates several parts of the Geneva Convention. [eBay]

8 Awesome* Teched-Out Christmas SweatersS

Sean Jean Sweater with an Embedded Video Screen

You know, for if you're too lazy to make your own. [Gizmodo]

Light Up Christmas Sweater Starring Psy

Get a billion YouTube hits, win a free sweater! [Dramafever]

8 Awesome* Teched-Out Christmas Sweaters

Bomber Sweater from LA Police Gear

Merry Christmas you son of a bitch [LA Police Gear]

8 Awesome* Teched-Out Christmas SweatersS

The Wreath Sweater

It's a sweater. Made from synthetic wreath material. With blinking mini-lights. I don't even. [Etsy]

8 Awesome* Teched-Out Christmas SweatersS

Be the Tree with this Light Up Holiday Sweater

Christmas trees ain't got nothing on me! Not with this unisex sweater adorned with working mini-lights. [Rusty Zipper]