Start 2013 with a new laptop. This 15-inch Vizio is way over-specced for the price: you get a 1080p screen, a 256GB SSD, and a top of the line dual-core Intel mobile processor. Plus, it comes with Windows 8—this is a new machine, after all. We liked its unibody design when we reviewed it, and by most accounts it's a really nice laptop. The one concern Kyle had when he reviewed it is that he found the touchpad unsatisfactory, but the Microsoft listing says that the touchpad is optimized for Modern UI touch gestures anyway. Most places are selling this laptop for $1050 and up (including Amazon!) but the Microsoft Store has it for $800. A screaming deal on the laptop you actually wanted for Christmas. [Microsoft Store]

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Today, the best accessory deal is a Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse for $24. Microsoft accessories are really nice and feel solid. This mouse came out two years ago, we said it "felt like the future," and today most places are still selling it for $60. If you can live with a grey and white colorway, you can nab it for $24 from Best Buy. [Best Buy]

Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse ($18) | Best Buy via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $30
Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse ($24) | Best Buy via Edealinfo | Originally $50
32GB Lexar MicroSD + Flash Drive Combo ($27) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $50
64GB Lexar USB 2.0 Flash Drive ($30) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $35
64GB Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drive ($35) | Amazon via Tech Deal Digger | Originally $60


I love these wall stickers. If you're in college, these stickers will make your purposely-drab dorm room walls invincible, basically. Getting them for $7 or $8 when most Anime/specialty shops sell them for $20 is a bit like grabbing the flagpole's top at the end of the stage and getting a free 1up. [Amazon]

Super Mario Vinyl Mural Art Wall Sticker ($7.12) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $15
Panasonic Men's Gadgety 4-Blade Electric Shaver ($145) | Amazon via Tech Deal Digger | Originally $190
Cheap Hosting + Domain Registration | Pixl Geek via Reddit | Use coupon code reddit-holiday


We've featured the Klipsch X10 a few times in Dealzmodo, but it's worth repeating: these are really nice earbuds (the bigger brother to our Best Value Earbud) and Amazon for some reason is selling them at basically a 50% discount. They've been at this price for about two weeks now, so it might seem like that's the "new normal" price but you never know when Amazon's price-matching algorithms will decide to jack the price back up. If you need earbuds, you should get these now. [Amazon]

Cheap AudioSource Amplifier ($66) | Amazon via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $100


There's a lot of great game deals today. Steam's doing their Winter Sale, Green Man Gaming has a 30% off code, and Amazon's pushing Sega games and Civilization 5. Today's Gaming Deal of the Day is Civ 5 for $10, and $15 for Mac. [Amazon]

Painkiller: Black Edition ($2.49) | Steam via Reddit | Originally $10
Civilization 5 ($10) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $30 | It's $15 for Mac
Civilization 4 + 5 ($10) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $30
Capcom Digital Collection ($12) | Amazon via Gamingaholic | Originally $20 | For Xbox 360
Civilization 5 GOTY ($12.49) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $30 | Still full price for Mac
Mass Effect 3 ($15) | Amazon via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $40
Xcom: Enemy Unknown ($17.5) | Green Man Gaming via Reddit | Originally $50 | Use coupon code GMG30-DPLIM-DN831
Borderlands 2 ($30) | Get Games via Reddit | Originally $50 | Also a bunch of DLC on sale too
Call of Duty II Black Ops for Xbox, PS3, PC ($40) | Amazon via Gamingaholic | Originally $60
Call of Duty Black Ops II for Wii U ($40) | Best Buy via Gamingaholic | Originally $60
Assassin's Creed 3 ($40) | Amazon via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $60
Total War Collections + DLC | Green Man Gaming via Reddit | Use coupon code GMG30-DPLIM-DN831

Physical Media

This DVD box set contains all 155 episodes of the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Although I've probably watched most of these episodes, I can't remember much (it was a long time ago) except that there were some vaguely racially insensitive costume choices and that the Power Rangers all got their missions from a disembodied floating head. A weekend plowing through this series could be really fun. Amazon's got the set for $58, and most other places are charging $100 for the nostalgia. [Amazon]

3:10 To Yuma ($4) | Amazon via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $20
Star Wars Origami ($9.61) | Amazon via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $15
Macworld Subscription ($10) | Tanga via Fatwallet | Originally $20 | Use coupon code MACWORLD2013
Eastbound and Down 3rd Season ($17) | Amazon via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $40
Dr. Who Series Five ($20) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $50
The Complete Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers ($58) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $100


If you're into heritage American clothing, you've got to check out the Filson winter sale. My favorite pick is these dry denim jeans, made with Cone Mills denim (which is woven in North Carolina on vintage looms) and put together in San Francisco. [Filson]


Although the Vizio is a great deal, there are actually two laptop deals of note today. This Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon got a glowing review from Kyle Wagner, and although it's pricey (same range as a Macbook) it's probably the nicest Windows ultrabook (in terms of design and physical presence) you can buy today. The code NEWYEAR knocks it down to $1100 from $1300, making it a pretty good deal on a really nice, solid, even sexy laptop. [Lenovo]

15" Vizio Thin + Light w/ 1080p screen + 256GB SSD ($800) | Microsoft Store via Laptopaholic | Originally $1200
HP Envy with Quad-core i7, Discrete Graphics, Blu-ray ($1044) | HP via Dealzon | Originally $1304 | Use coupon code NB3298
Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Ultrabook ($1100) | Lenovo via Dealzon | Originally $1300 | Use coupon code NEWYEAR


Tablet deals were far and few between in 2012. Sometimes, as you see today, you can find used tablets for cheap, but I don't think they're a bargain. However, if you wanted the Asus Transformer Infinity, which is a very premium Android tablet, they're only $450 from Newegg today. [Newegg]



Used Samsung Galaxy 10" 16GB Tablet ($153) | Cowboom via Dealnews | Originally $250 | Use coupon code CELEBRATE15
Used iPad 2 + 3G 64GB ($331) | Cowboom via Techbargains | Originally $400 | Use coupon code celebrate15
Asus Transformer Pad Infinity ($450) | Newegg via Fatwallet | Originally $500


Dell's price on this specc'ed-out 55" Samsung TV is already the lowest price on the internet (beating Amazon by a cool $200) and then they throw in a $300 gift card? Great deal. [Dell]

Stupid Cheap (yet crappy) Monitor ($50) | Newegg via Dealzon | Originally $100 | Use coupon code EMCJHHG78
27" Dell 1080p IPS Monitor ($250) | Best Buy via HDTVaholic | Originally $330
32" Panasonic IPS 720p HDTV ($279) | Amazon via HDTVaholic | Originally $379
32" 3D Vizio 1080p HDTV ($298) | Dell via Tech Deal Digger | Originally $400
42" 1080- Seiki HDTV ($350) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $400
73" Mitsubishi 1080p DLP Rear Projection 3d HDTV ($1000) | Best Buy via HDTVaholic | Originally $1300
55" Samsung 120Hz LED HDTV + $300 Gift Card ($1097) | Dell via Tech Deal Digger | Originally $1250 | This is Amazon's price


This is a solid deal on a very nice Canon zoom lens—saving almost $300. What would you shoot with this? [Adorama]

Nikon D5100 Body ($509) | Amazon via Cameraaholic | Originally $700 | Lots of special offers for lenses too
Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM UD Autofocus Telephoto Zoom Lens ($1099) | Adorama via Cameraaholic | Originally $1400


iPad Only

Machinarium is a fun and beautiful game that's only $2 today. Sorry iPad 1 users! [iTunes]
Machinarium ($2) | iTunes via Appsaholic | Originally $5


Your free Android game of the day. [Amazon Appstore]

Edge Extended ($0) | Amazon Appstore via Dealigg | Originally $3


Seamless has a rare 25%-off promo code until 12/30. The code is 4Good25. Friends don't let friends order full-price Seamless when there's a promo code out there.