Over at Amazon, one of the best Ultrabooks we've seen yet is at a significant discount. Samsung's 2012 Series 9 is down to $700. For perspective, its MSRP was $1000 at launch and street price elsewhere is about $900. But formidable as the discount is, what makes this deal a real value is that this is a extremely nice laptop in terms of both build quality and specs. This is a new Samsung Series 9, launched with the same body and screen as Samsung's standard bearing Series 9, but with a less expensive, older processor.

About that body and screen—Kyle Wagner was practically gushing when he reviewed the Series 9 back in July. He even—gasp!—called Samsung "cool." Some choice quotes:

Let's see, how's the build quality?


And build quality-wise, the Series 9 is shockingly solid. Everyone who touches the thing comments about how light and sturdy it feels.

But the trackpad's gotta suck, right? Isn't that always the catch with a Ultrabook?

[The Best Part:] The trackpad. Scrolling, clicking, zooming-it smoothly does what it's supposed to do. That's rare on a Windows machine, and especially on an ultrabook.

What about the screen?


The 1600x900 display is impressively bright-moreso than the MacBook Air and its 1440x900 display. And it's matte! (Swoon.)

Sure, this Ultrabook has specs (Intel Sandy Bridge processor, 128GB SSD, 1600x900 matte screeen, Windows 8) but what sets this laptop apart is that it's a well-made object, for putting into bags and cars, for browsing on airplanes and trains, for actual people to use and abuse daily.

This is such a good sale that if you wanted the upgrade to this laptop's next model, you'd be shelling out $500 more. If you need a laptop, you should jump on this today. [Amazon]

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