Sharp Would Like to Interest You in a Giant LED TV

Look at the big TVs. They're thin! They're bright! They're "smart." They're Sharp's LED TVs, and they're coming your way this year.

You can get them in 60-, 70-, 80-, and 90-inch flavors. There are a lot of somewhat meaningless marketing terms bandied about here, but the bottom line is this: The 6-Series is the entry-level—which means it can't do 3D, unlike the midrange 7-Series and straight-baller 8-Series. Pricing information is not yet available, but they're all coming at you this Spring—the 8-Series in March, 7-Series in April, and 6-Series in March. Sharp will also offer non-3D models in the same sizes. These 1080p, 240Hz LED-backlit sets boast built-in Wi-Fi, as well as Sharp's SmartCentral connected TV hub. They support HTML5 and Flash, and multi-screen skills will let you watch TV and browse the internet at the same time.

And if you hate your remote but love your smartphone, you'll be pleased; these sets will be operable via iOS and Android apps. Sound is supposed to get better, too, thanks to a built-in subwoofer.


There's not much new here, strictly speaking but it's nice to see a manufacturer update its non-3D flagship models.

Sharp Would Like to Interest You in a Giant LED TV