Forget 4K displays. Artist Chris Shen has different ideas about how a TV should look—so he built a display from 625 linked remote controls to produce images using their infrared bulbs.


Shen rounded up a whole heap of old remotes, then rigged them up on a large metal frame with their infrared elements facing outwards. Then they were all linked up to an LED pegboard, using speaker wire, so he could send a video signal out to them.

With each remote acting as a pixel, the result is a video that can only be viewed through infrared goggles. It's a project filled with artist statement sure—he claims it's a meditation on technological evolution and power—but it's one we can get behind. Check out the video the system can pump out below—just be prepared to squint a little.


Shen's exhibition, INFRA, is currently on display at 18 Hewett Street in London, until February 3rd. [Chris Shen via Slam X Hype via Verge]

INFRA by Chris Shen from Chris Shen on Vimeo.