We like to have informal Photoshop contests in Kinja from time to time, and while sometimes you guys come up with amazing work, the vast majority are — to put it kindly — sloppy hack jobs. That's not really surprising. Photoshop's not an easy art to master, and while no tool or gadget will transform you into Warhol, using a clunky mouse to alter a photo certainly doesn't help. For best results, you want a graphics tablet because the pen-and-tablet interface simply allows for much finer pixel manipulation.

Usually graphics tablets are a pricey affair aimed at professionals. But today, because the Wacom Intuos5 is out, a third-party vendor through Amazon is offering the small Wacom Intuos4 for $131 shipped. Jesus Diaz reviewed the Wacom Intuos4 Medium Wireless and loved it, and while this tablet on sale is smaller and needs to be plugged in, it has the same 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and general build. This Intuos4 deal — at least $40 less than the next closest price — is a rare chance to purchase a professional graphics tablet in the price range where amateurs can realistically buy one for messing around. Cop one, and you too can bask in the glory of internet strangers complementing your Photoshop skills. [Amazon]

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There are lots of fun PC indie game sales on Steam, Amazon and Green Man Gaming on a regular basis, but playing platformers or action games with a keyboard is not so fun. This is a USB controller that works with Windows or Mac that apes the classic SNES controller design, and you can get it for $12 shipped. That's a great price for a great accessory. [Amazon]

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There's a cool discount on this dual-probe thermometer for (meat) smokers. The Maverick ET732 can measure both your meat's temperature and your cooker's temperature at the same time, so you can get those delicious barbecue smoke rings up in your brisket. It's usually $60, but with the code I5DISCNT it's yours for $45. [Amazon]

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Dumb TV → Smart TV

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Not today.


Graphic tablets were tablets before tablets. Fact.


21:9 2560x1080 Dell IPS Monitor ($550) | Dell via Logicbuy | Originally $700





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