Until Apple refreshes the Retina MBP line, the 15-inch rMBP remains the pro laptop to own. It's a better value than the 13" model, it has a quad-core processor and discrete NVIDIA graphics, and oh — nobody else has a screen like that 2880x1800-pixel beast. Best Buy's running a sale on a bunch of MacBooks today — echoing last week's unprecedented MacBook Air sale — and Amazon's price-matched. That means a new entry-level Retina MacBook Pro 15" is a straight $2000 on the dot, matching the lowest price we've ever seen. Mind you, a refurb from Apple is still a bit less expensive, but after taxes, you might end up saving a whole bunch on a new one from Amazon. [Amazon]

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Top Deals

We like to feature dirt-cheap, clearly-knockoff Lightning cables on Dealzmodo from time to time, especially if they dip under $2. You should know that those cables aren't officially certified by Apple, and could disappear at any time. These Griffin cables are officially sanctioned, though, and they're significantly cheaper than Apple's option. With the code VALENGRIFF2013, they're down to $13.50. In fact, that code takes 20% off the entire Griffin site. [Griffin via 9to5Toys]


6' HDMI Cable ($2) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $5
Logitech Gaming Mouse G400 ($30) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $50
3TB Seagate Backup Plus USB 3.0 Desktop HD ($120) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $140
20% off Griffin Cables | Griffin via 9to5Toys | Use coupon code VALENGRIFF2013


Gerber Artifact Pocket Tool ($7.49) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $10
Leatherman 830039 Multitool ($44) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $60


Check the top deal.




The Walking Dead ($12.49) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $25 | Activates on Steam, and, oh hey, it's the same price on Steam
UFC Undisputed 3 ($17) | Newegg via Gamingaholic | Originally $60
Guild Wars 2 ($22) | Get Games via Reddit | Originally $40 | Your mileage may very, works for UK/EU
Indie Royale Evolved Bundle | Indie Royale via Reddit

Physical Media

Free Subscription to Motor Trend Digital ($0) | Mercury Magazines via Mercury Magazines | Originally $10
Shakespeare In Love, Chicago, Crash, No Country for Old Men, The English Patient ($20) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $40 | What do they all have in common??
All Six Rocky Movies ($23) | Amazon via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $45
Clone Wars Season III ($27.22) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $40
Complete 30 for 30 on Blu-ray ($39) | Groupon via Logicbuy | Originally $60


Price update: Back in December we highlighted a pretty sweet low price point for the iconic Persol 714 sunglasses. Well, it's not sunglass season yet, but we're eight weeks closer, and we've now seen another interesting price cut on the tortoise 714s. Back in December $165 was an excellent deal, and now we're seeing them for $155. However, the black version — which was $190 back then — is back up to $250. Still, you're going to want a pair in a few weeks. [Amazon]

Timbuk2 Control Briefcase ($60) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $90 | Of course uglier colors are cheaper
Club Monaco 30% off Sale | Club Monaco via Reddit | Use coupon code COZYUP30
The Cheapest and Laziest Way To Show NFL Team Support ($9) | If you order before 4PM you can still get it before the Suberb Owl.

Dumb TV → Smart TV

The D-Link Streaming box we highlighted on Monday at $32 is up to $44, and some folks are still calling it a deal.


15" Vizio Thin + Light with 1080p Screen and 256GB SSD ($800) | Microsoft via Laptopaholic | Originally $1000



The Definitive List of Tablet "Deals" You Probably Definitely Shouldn't Buy Today

Earlier this morning, Gizmodo's august managing editor Brian Barrett noticed that Best Buy was pushing a tablet "deal" that definitely wasn't. Here's the tweet in question:

Dealzmodo deals with misleading crap like this on a daily basis. So, today we're presenting the complete list of tablets on sale today being presented as deals.



Dealzon concurs with Best Buy that that POS "Hipstreet" tablet is a hot deal.
LogicBuy thinks this IdeaPad for $230 is worth buying.
Tabletaholic is pushing this Coby 10-inch tablet because it's marked down to $190 from $200.
Tabletaholic strikes again! They think this Cobalt-brand slate is worth buying over on Ebay.
• Remember the Xoom? ou can nab one that's all scuffed up for $150. Update: Apparently Cowboom's sold out of Xooms. Now it's a another crappy tablet, the Toshiba Thrive.

Reminder: a $200 Nexus 7 is a better value than all of these, and Dealzmodo passes on posting this kind of crap every day.


27" Dell High-Resolution U2713HM IPS Monitor + $50 Gift Card ($650) | Newegg via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $750
60" Panasonic Viera TC-PCU50 Plasma ($700) | Fry's via Reddit | Originally $800




Sigma 30mm f/1.4 Lens ($290) | B&H Photo via Cameraaholic | Originally $400

Bare Drives

Not today.



EDGE Extended ($0) | iTunes via iTunes | Originally $2
Bridge Basher ($0) | iTunes via iTunes | Originally $1
1Password ($9) | iTunes via iTunes | Originally $15


Face Swap ($0) | Amazon Appstore via Reddit | Originally $2
Reddit News ($1) | Google Play via Apps-aholic | Originally $2


Quicken Deluxe 2013 + TurboTax Basic 2012 ($28) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $50 | Add this to your cart and use coupon code BTTG35QK


Free Breakfast and Bag at Ikea on March 9 ($0) | Ikea via Reddit | Originally $IKEA
"Corporations Are Not People" Bumper Sticker ($0) | Peaceteam via Reddit | Originally $1
"Healthy Hips 4 Life" Wristband ($0) | Hipdysplasia.org via Reddit | Originally $1
Free EnergyStar Posters ($0) | Energystar.gov via Reddit | Originally $1
Free Valentines ($0) | The Organized Parent via Reddit | Originally $1

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