It's Not Vehicular Manslaughter If You Criticize Elon Musk's Self-Driving Cars

Last night, Elon Musk gave a surprise lecture in media ethics to the gathered reporters in the midst of a Q&A with reporters about Tesla’s new autonomous driving technology set to be deployed on its cars from now on. If you’re skeptical of self-driving technology, Musk said, “you’re killing people.

Donald Trump's Donation Ticker Is Actually Just A Sample File On Loop

Take a trip over to, and you’ll be greeted by the nice, prominent donation ticker you see above. The implication, of course, is that all these people have just added their name to Team Trump—and you should, too! Except that, at least according to the site’s source code, those “donations” you see…


The New Echo Dot Is Out, and Amazon's Smart Home Bundles Are Back In Stock

The new $50 Echo Dot is most useful for people who own compatible smart home gadgets, so to that end, Amazon’s once again offering $10-$50 off three select bundles that include a Dot and a compatible gadget. You can choose any or all of Philips Hue White bulbs, TP-Link Smart Plugs, the Bose SoundLink Mini, and ecobee3…