Parrot Isn't Actually Going to Sell Its Fantastic Dual-Mode Dash System

Parrot’s RNB6 promised an in-dash system that would work with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It promised a Utopia of car tech that would make any smartphone compatible with basically any car. And it still promises all those things, but only if you buy a new vehicle. http://gizmodo.com/parrots-new-in... » 8/05/15 1:00am 23 minutes ago

A Super Typhoon Gathers Strength As it Moves Across the Pacific

This is super typhoon Soudelor, captured by NASA instruments as it attained Category Five status on the Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale earlier today. Its eye is 12 nautical miles wide; its winds are up to 161 miles per hour; and the extremely rough waves below it are up to 48 feet high. » 8/04/15 9:49pm Yesterday 9:49pm

This surfer looks like he's standing on water

Here’s a fun surf video of Tommy Witt surfing on his longboard and pulling fun tricks that make him look like he’s not even surfing but just riding the waves with his own two feet. The board kind of just disappears into the wave and it leaves him looking like he’s just standing there, on top of the water. » 8/04/15 8:41pm Yesterday 8:41pm

Video: 550 million years of evolution in 40 seconds

This is a fun watch, just to see how far we’ve come as little nuggets of nothing to the big dumb bipedal idiots we now are. There’s been a lot of funky things we lost along the way—hair and a tail, come to mind—but I guess we’re better off for it. Anyways, watch the video made for the book EVO below.
» 8/04/15 8:25pm Yesterday 8:25pm

Check Vacuuming Off Your To-Do List With a Fantastic Roomba Deal

Anyone who thinks vacuuming is the best chore is dead wrong. If you agree, delegate it to this high-end Roomba 790 for $400, an all-time low price, and $100-$200 off its usual price range. . » 8/04/15 6:25pm Yesterday 6:25pm

Vibrators Don't Have to Look Like Giant Cocks Anymore

A vibrator’s basic job is really quite simple, so long as you’re using it as a sex toy instead of unclenching a charley horse or working out some lower back pain. Vibrators are supposed to rapidly stimulate sexually sensitive sensory neurons. That’s it. They could look like anything. But until recently, they often… » 8/04/15 5:14pm Yesterday 5:14pm