Why We Can't Tell How Your Car Will Perform On That New Earth-Like Exoplanet

Recently, the scientific community was all excited because a new exoplanet was discovered, and this one is in the coveted “habitable zone” that makes real estate so valuable, and it’s even pretty close by! It’s called Proxima Centauri b, and I want to know how well my car is going to drive when I get it there. Sadly,…

Miraculous Spray-On Coating Protects a Watermelon From a 150-Feet Drop

Have you ever wondered if those miracle sprays that promise to protect the liner of your pickup truck from damage actually work? Here’s proof they do. The amateur scientists at YouTube’s How Ridiculous covered a watermelon in Line-X spray and dropped it off a 150-feet tall tower. Not only did the watermelon survive…

Reports: WB Wants to Make a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Movie Trilogy and Oh My God Why Is Anyone Surprised by This

The sky is blue. Water is wet. And Warner Bros., the same studio that turned The Hobbit into a trilogy of epic-length movies, allegedly would not just like to make the new Harry Potter play into a movie trilogy of its own, but chase down Daniel Radcliffe and get him to return as the bespectacled wizard. Shocking!