The evolution of the bicycle in less than one minute

The design of the modern bicycle seems rather obvious, right? Two symmetrical wheels attached to a simple frame. But it took a while for us to get to the streamline design of bikes today. Bicycles before were illustrious and ornate and frankly, ridiculous forms of transportation. Here is animator Thallis Vestergaard… »26 minutes ago12/02/15 12:57am


10 of the most delicious food porn scenes in movies

Two movies made me immediately run out of the theater to the best restaurant I could find to immediately put delicious food things in my mouth because the scenes involving food in those movies were just so damn titillating. The first was Jiro Dreams of Sushi, which led me to a feast of bone marrow and beef at Minetta… »Yesterday 10:59pm12/01/15 10:59pm

This Intense Short Film About Virtual Reality Is Already in the Works as a Feature

“Virtual reality, to me, is the only reality.” So begins Uncanny Valley, a short from Argentina’s Federico Heller that’s on the fast track to becoming a feature, thanks to the efforts of Independence Day: Resurgence writer Carter Blanchard. Watch the film below and see why it’s generated so much excitement.
»Yesterday 9:31pm12/01/15 9:31pm

This Timelapse Video of Radio Observatories is Just Breathtaking

With gold-plated space telescopes promising to discover distant worlds and unravel the deepest mysteries of the universe, radio astronomy can sometimes feel a bit passé. But lest you think the search for extraterrestrial intelligence is no longer sexy, a glorious new photo collection featuring radio observatories… »Yesterday 8:25pm12/01/15 8:25pm

Mark Zuckerberg Will Donate Massive Fortune to Own Blinkered Worldview

In a savvy PR maneuver, today Mark Zuckerberg used the birth of his daughter Max to advertise to the world the fact that he’s decided to give away 99% of his Facebook shares (roughly $45 billion today) to charity (over the course of the rest of his life, not all at once). It sounds angelic, but it will probably end up… »Yesterday 6:30pm12/01/15 6:30pm

Stunning video captures rocket separation in space like never before

Wow. This is truly spectacular. Here’s footage from UP Aerospace, which captured a multistage rocket separating in space like we’ve never seen before. You can see it release and then separate from each other in stunning fashion. We’ve slowed down the stage where the rocket separates and it’s just so cool. Seeing that… »Yesterday 5:26pm12/01/15 5:26pm

Mark Zuckerberg Celebrates Birth of First Born Child by Giving Away (Almost) All of His Facebook Shares (Eventually)

In a Facebook post addressed to his recently born first child, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg subtly made two major announcements. One, his wife Priscilla gave birth to a baby girl named Max (short for Maxima). Two, Mark and Priscilla will give away 99-percent of their Facebook shares within their lifetimes. »Yesterday 4:25pm12/01/15 4:25pm

Russia Reportedly Plans To Build A Lunar Base By The 2030s

Decades and decades after they pretended never to be in a “moon race” with the U.S., Russia reportedly plans to land cosmonauts on the moon by the 2030s, according to the news agency TASS. The most recent plans call for up to six launches of the Angara A5V heavy-lift rocket to put enough hardware into orbit for their… »Yesterday 4:00pm12/01/15 4:00pm