Journalists Spying On Tesla's Gigafactory Rammed Security With A Jeep: Police

A photographer with the Reno-Gazette Journal was arrested last week and charged with a felony after police say he and another journalist from the paper were caught trespassing at Tesla Motors’ Gigafactory. And when they were busted, the journalists ran down security employees with their Jeep until the local cops… »Yesterday 2:06pm

Watching this pianist play the piano makes it seem like the keys are melting

I always love watching Jason Pelsey play the piano from his perspective. It reminds me of how special music and art can be because even though I too have two arms and ten fingers, I cannot even come close to melting the keys of a piano like he does. It is totally frantic and powerful and it seems like his fingers are… »Monday 5:33pm

The world's first triple front flip bike trick is plain nuts

Backflips, I get. You launch in the air, you tilt backwards, and you flip. Front flips are a whole other story. You launch in the air, you tilt forward (which is downward but you’re still going up), and then you flip? Crazy talk. And this triple front flip from Ryan Williams? Definitely more than three times the… »Yesterday 4:26pm

Inside Apple's Anechoic Chamber Where Its Keyboards Get That Distinctive Clickety-Clack

Apple’s not been especially forthcoming over the years UNDERSTATEMENT but recently the company has been opening up. Case in point: Journalist Steven Levy went inside Apple’s HQ to see where the company prototypes hardware, including an acoustical lab for tuning the audible feedback from your fingers. »Yesterday 8:07pm

Watch how safety chaps prevent a chainsaw from cutting your leg

A chainsaw is one of the most dangerous single things on this planet. A roaring machine cycle of sharp teeth created to cut anything down. And if you add an idiot human to the mix, you’re just asking for blood and accidents. Luckily, a pair of safety chaps makes it so much safer. How can a pair of clothes be able to… »Monday 6:54pm

How 17th Century Artists Helped Make the Microscopic World Visible

Science fans love to nerd-gas when it comes to popular culture. Witness the countless recent articles analyzing the science versus the storytelling of The Martian. That tension between accuracy and artistic license is not unique to modern society. It’s been present throughout history, including depictions of the… »Yesterday 6:20pm

Logitech's Clickiest Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is Cheaper Than Ever

Logitech’s G710/G710+ mechanical gaming keyboard is one of your five favorites, and Best Buy has knocked the ultra clicky Cherry MX Blue version down to $60 today, an all-time low by about $30. [Logitech G710 with Cherry MX Blue Switches, $60] »Yesterday 3:36pm