My nostalgia for the Pirate theme is pretty strong. It was one of the first themes where I managed to collect the majority of all the first run items. I'm super glad to see its return, though it is going to make for an expensive year for me. Here are some great images of the sets that are going to be released in 2015.

Shipwreck Defense (70409 ) I'll start with the good news. Lego didn't nerf the cannons. They still shoot as is depicted right on the box. Pull the plunger and launch a 1x1 round right into the eyes of your siblings.

Soldiers Outpost (70410) Comes with an octopus, of course. Also the return of the Imperial Guard flag and minifigures. Most importantly, and I hope you see it right away, dark red profile bricks.

Treasure Island (70411) No official image of this set unfortunately, though the name and set number were listed in the leaked sets. It is pretty similar to Volcano Island (6248), complete with gigantic skull in rock.



Soldiers Fort (70412) The big version of the imperial flag atop the white walled fort is just great looking. It looks like there are some more weapons to put out eyes with in addition to a cool looking pulley system to haul in the booty.

The Brick Bounty (70413) It looks to be about the same size as the old Black Sea Barracuda (6285) and I'm betting it'll come in much cheaper in price. There also looks to be a crazy looking new shark to kill those walking the plank.

Pirate Treasure Hunt (10679) The Juniors entry into the pirate theme. Though these sets are marketed towards post Duplo kids, ages 4-7, they come with some fantastic elements. The best features are the lack of any stickers of any kind and that they contain some really awesome printed brick.

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