Deputy Editor, Lifehacker

New York

About the Company

GMG is the publisher of the web’s most original media brands, including Gizmodo, Kotaku, Lifehacker, Deadspin, Jezebel and Jalopnik.  As a part of Fusion Media Group (FMG) they join a collection of digital-first properties including The Onion, The AV Club,, The Root, and Clickhole to reach 70MM unique visitors a month -- more than one third of all Americans.

GMG is always looking for sharp, fearless, curious, and fun aspiring writers, editors, and reporters who are interested in anything and everything. If you have thick skin, strong opinions, good jokes, and a talent for finding and telling great stories, this is the job for you. 

Job Description

Lifehacker, a GMG productivity and lifestyle site with 14 million monthly users, is looking for an experienced editor and writer who’s as passionate about organizing desks as they are haggling the best price on a car. The ideal applicant should know the best methods to keep produce fresh, travel light, and save money on household essentials; they should always know the best thing to buy, from phones to televisions to water bottles. They will be as excited to edit stories about these topics as they are to write them.

Lifehacker's deputy editor will also be hungry to tackle new topics and reach new people traditionally underserved by tech and lifestyle media. They'll be eager and excited to grow a team of writers passionate about helping readers live their best lives, in an environment that will allow them to do so—one that will provide opportunities to expand into new areas like video and podcasting. They will be completely comfortable with the editorial process—from pitch to publication to promotion and discussion. Their talents will be editorial and managerial, and they should be comfortable steering the Lifehacker ship at any time. Lifehacker is a key property within GMG both in terms of audience and revenue, and this is a senior hire.

Who You Should Be

The ideal candidate will:

  • have significant experience writing and editing for a fast-paced lifestyle outlet, a news outlet, a career or advice site, or a consumer-focused finance blog with a diverse audience. This is a senior-level hire.
  • have experience hiring and managing writers in a growth environment 
  • have at least 3-5 years of experience writing and editing for a fast-paced lifestyle outlet, a news outlet, a career or advice site, or a consumer-focused finance blog with a diverse audience
  • be organized, detail-oriented, and an ambitious manager and writer
  • be knowledgeable about video and eager to help Lifehacker translate its advice into new video series
  • be comfortable running a large website and excited to help the website grow in both output and audience
  • respond nimbly to cultural and news events with appropriate stories


This is a full time position at GMG's NYC Headquarters with full benefits, including everything from unlimited time off, fully paid medical insurance to free meals provided weekly.

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