Features Editor, Jezebel

New York

About the Role

Gizmodo Media Group (GMG), which is part of Univision's digital arm, Fusion Media Group, is seeking an experienced editor to serve as features editor of its women’s politics and culture site, Jezebel, which reaches some 14 million monthly readers globally. The ideal applicant should have a natural understanding of the news Jezebel covers and the audience it attracts, as well as an eye for interesting story angles and packaging ideas. They should have experience in assigning coverage, managing a publishing queue and monthly budget, and editing feature essays and reported pieces for the web.

We need a person who is eager to learn from and work with a large, growing team of writers and editors so that they may identify and bring out their respective strengths on the site each day. The ideal candidate will be completely comfortable with the editorial process—from pitch to publication to promotion and discussion. This role requires a person who can manage, edit, write, and solicit from and assign work to a broad range of freelance writers on a wide array of topics. They should have an eye for good writing, a patient, careful approach to story editing, and established working relationships with an ever-growing rolodex of writers.

Who You Should Be

The ideal candidate will:

  • Assign and edit feature stories for a growing staff;
  • have significant experience writing and editing for a fast-paced news outlet with a diverse audience;
  • be organized, detail-oriented, and a careful editor and writer;
  • respond nimbly to cultural and news events with related feature assignments;
  • demonstrate an interest in and knowledge of culture, social issues, and politics;
  • be eager to expand Jezebel’s freelance writer base and coverage topics

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