Parenting Editor, Lifehacker

New York

Lifehacker, Gizmodo Media Group’s lifestyle site with 14 million monthly users, is looking for a parenting editor.
The ideal applicant is super-curious, as interested in the latest techniques in sleep-training as they are in evangelizing about the best diaper pail. They can explain in a way that's entertaining and engaging stuff that might, in lesser hands, come off as boring. They have strong opinions; a witty, conversational writing voice; and an unstinting editorial eye. In short, this candidate geeks out on parenting.
They should be completely comfortable with the editorial process—from pitch to publication to promotion. If you’ve got big ideas on how to end picky eating or feel a deep and abiding urge to find out the best way to make a birds-and-bees conversation 30% less awkward, we’d like to talk to you.
As Parenting Editor, you should:
  • Have at least 3 years of experience writing and editing for a fast-paced online publication
  • Be organized, detail-oriented, and a careful editor and writer
  • Respond nimbly to cultural and news events with related feature assignments
  • Be familiar with the parenting writer community and eager to expand Lifehacker’s freelance team 
  • Be capable of turning around stories ranging from short news pieces to longer features at a quick pace


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