Senior Investigative Reporter

New York

About the Company

Manhattan-based GMG is the publisher of the web’s most original media brands, including Gizmodo, Kotaku, Lifehacker, Deadspin, Jezebel and Jalopnik.  As a part of Univision Communications Inc’s Fusion Media Group (FMG), they join a collection of digital-first properties including The Onion, The AV Club, Splinter, The Root, and Clickhole to reach more than one third of all Americans each month.

About the Role

Gizmodo Media Group is seeking a seasoned, aggressive investigative reporter to join its 9-member Special Projects Desk, which focuses on publishing high-impact investigative stories across eight sites.

The ideal candidate will have five or more years of experience pursuing long-lead, reporting-intensive stories that shed light on the secret pathways of power in our politics, government, culture, and economy. We are looking for someone who is obsessive, resourceful, and thorough; enthusiastic about working with other reporters in a collaborative team environment; capable of applying their investigative skills to a wide variety of subject areas, from politics to Silicon Valley to video games to the automotive industry; and possessed of a burning desire to make their work land with a splash on the internet—someone who is capable of translating the thrill and joy of dogged investigative work to the page and screen. A sense of humor about your work, and an ability to translate that humor to the page, is a must.

You Should Be:

• Conversant with the creative and persistent use of state and federal records-access laws;
• Capable of keeping your eyes on the prize in long-term, project-oriented journalism while thriving in a fast-paced digital newsroom;
• Willing to go where you need to to ferret out the information your story requires;
• Interested in maneuvering your stories into multiple formats, from text to audio to video.
• Fearless



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