Editor, Compete

New York

Compete—Gizmodo Media Group’s esports vertical, run collaboratively by Deadspin and Kotaku—seeks an editor.
Esports is a multi-billion dollar industry that sits at the intersection of sports and gaming; at its best it is as compelling as either, and it is also prone to all the ills that beset both. Hype, scams, sleaze, and mysteries abound in a field where the players range from the owner of the New England Patriots to some of the world's biggest gaming companies to the NCAA and ESPN. Compete’s editor will plan and execute an agenda that will explain and expose the best and worst of esports for a curious and skeptical audience that expects at every turn to get not industry-approved puffery, but the story behind the story.
Why are colleges paying esports athletes, but not traditional ones? How is it that esports teams can get away with not paying their players? What exactly do NBA teams investing millions in the field hope to get out of it? Is a sport whose rules are owned by a privately-held corporation and whose mechanics can be secretly changed at any time on the level? Are rumors about coaches pumping players full of drugs, and players throwing matches, true? These are the sorts of questions the Compete editor will be tasked with answering, even as they oversee coverage of tournaments and highlights and rants about fighting-game characters and all the silly and brilliant things that are esports.
This is a position for an aggressive and independent-minded journalist with at least five years experience, ideally in sports; significant investigative skills; and a sense of the ridiculous. This person will work with and manage two staff writers, a roster of contributors, and the staffs of Deadspin and Kotaku to cover esports and everything that entails. Passion and curiosity are necessary; experience in esports is not.

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