Everything a Camp Cook Could Need Fits Inside This Nesting Doll Pot

It's easy to overpack when you're heading out into the woods for some weekend camping, but when it comes to supplies for cooking meals, MSR's Flex 4 System packs pretty much everything you could need into a compact single pot.

Pop off the clamp-down lid on the 5.3-liter dual-handled aluminum pot and inside you'll find another 3.2-liter nonstick pot, two aluminum strainer lids, four deep plates, four stainless steel insulated mugs, and a removable pot handle making it safer to position things over a roaring fire.

You can probably buy all of these items separately for far less than $160, but getting them all to fit and play as nicely together as this set does will be all but impossible. [MRS via BlessThisStuff]