Further Automate Your Home And Clean It, $5 Off $35 On Amazon [Deals]

The Home Automation deals continue with the Belkin WeMo Switch, which allows you to toggle on and off whatever device you decide to plug into it using that handy smartphone you have, and is marked down to $40 today. [Amazon]

If you missed our $40 deal on the Belkin WeMo Light Switch yesterday, Newegg has it for that same discount right now. [Newegg]

Further Automate Your Home And Clean It, $5 Off $35 On Amazon [Deals]


Taking up a huge amount of storage space is not a feature you want to look for in a vacuum cleaner. This Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner folds down to nothing, and is marked down to $179 today. Typically sells for around $100 more. [Amazon]

Further Automate Your Home And Clean It, $5 Off $35 On Amazon [Deals]

Flat Amazon discounts don't come around often, especially with this little effort. All you have to do is share your Amazon wish list to Facebook (you can delete it right after), and you'll receive a $5 credit for any Amazon purchase over $35. The credit expires on December 15, and excludes digital downloads, Kindle hardware, and gift cards, but otherwise, it's good on anything they ship themselves.

$5 off a $35 Amazon Order



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