Lego's 'Friends' dolls are a popular, if problematic, piece of gendered merchandising - but in the hands of creative Lego fans they can become something much cooler. We've had Lego Superfriends, and now thanks to Flickr User Jeffrey Wilson we've got the Lego Girls donning Mech suits. How very Bubblegum Crisis!

Wilson created the mech suits for the Friends Minidolls a while back, but they got some traction recently thanks to a few excited tweets about them - and let's be honest, they deserve it! They're pretty cool twists on the Friends line that elevates them beyond the cutesy, animal loving shopaholics Lego characterises them as, whilst serving as a reminder that the creativity of a Lego builder stretches far beyond gendered stereotypes. Girly dolls and badass robosuits are not mutually exclusive concepts. Check out a few of the suited-up girls below.

[via The Mary Sue]

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