What's this we have here? We just got a tip from a reader that this is Honeywell's answer to Nest.

It looks like a Nest, it smells like a Nest, and the only difference is that Honeywell branding. We're thin on details, but this screenshot reportedly came from the Facebook page of a (maybe soon-to-be-former) Honeywell employee.

× Looks Like Honeywell Is Cooking Up Its Own Nest Thermostat Clone

Honeywell has had its own smart thermostats in the past. They look like regular old thermostats—except they're app controlled. This, however, is a very clear design change, one that looks very informed by Nest. We've reached out to Honeywell for comment.


Update: Honeywell responded to us with the following:

We don't comment on rumor and speculation – we have no comment at this time.