Magical Butter MB2 Review: Your One Stop Edible Cannabis Shop

Toking's not for everyone and neither is vaping. A growing portion of both the recreational and medical marijuana crowds are turning to edibles to deliver their THC. Now, you can make your own cookable concentrates more easily and more quickly than you could by hand with the Magical Butter MB2.

What Is It?

The Magical Butter MB2 is an all-in-one cannabis extract maker able to produce cannabis-infused butters, tinctures, and oils in as little as 2 hours. In other words, it can heat and churn your ordinary buds and butter into the perfect base ingredient for pot brownies.

Why Does It Matter?

Because concentrates like these are expensive—if even available—at your local dispensary and, as we've shown previously, making tincture or butter at home can be a lengthy and labor-intensive process. This machine does it better, faster, and more efficiently.


It looks like an electric tea kettle clad entirely in aluminum, save for the heavy duty plastic lid with integrated LED indicator ring and bubble button UI. Pull the lid off the machine to reveal the integrated blender motor, stalk and blade. The unit's heating element is also tucked into the lid, as are all the timing and control electronics. A three prong plug extends from the base of the handle.

The lid-mounted control panel offers users 5 programming options: a 1-hour cycle for making oil (think cooking oil, not hash oil), a 2-hour cycle for making cannabutter, a 4-hour cycle for extracting tincture, a general 8 hour timer, and a self-cleaning mode.

Using It

Magical Butter MB2 Review: Your One Stop Edible Cannabis Shop

The process of using the Magical Butter MB2 is mind-numbingly easy. The only mildly difficult part is entirely optional: if you can find the ingredient lecithin, it can act as an emulsifying agent, binding the oils and THC more tightly together and increasing potency. Unfortunately, we found it surprisingly hard to find lecithin outside of pill form (where it's used as a dietary supplement) even in a foodie centric city like San Francisco. It isn't essential to the process—you can make perfectly good tincture or butter without itbut it's definitely a recommended ingredient if you can track it down.

Luckily, the system works just as well even if you can't get your hands on lecithin. When making cannabutter, for example, you take 4–8 grams of unground buds and 1 pound of butter, toss them both into the MB2's mixing bowl, put on the lid, and press the Make Butter button. Two hours of furious heating, blending, whirring, chunking, and steaming later, the machine will ding four times. You pull off the lid, pour the contents through the included and reusable strainer bag into a tupperware container, and put it in the fridge to firm up. That's it, seriously. And it's just as easy to make oils and tinctures: just throw in a couple handfuls of nugs, add an extracting agent, and push the right button.

Cleaning it is just as simple. Fill the jug with water and a dollop of dish soap, put the lid on and press the Clean button. Once the cycle is complete, rinse out the jug and you're done.


Magical Butter MB2 Review: Your One Stop Edible Cannabis Shop

It's easier to use than my microwave and makes a surprisingly high-quality product. I used the MB2 to make all three concoctions and they consistently matched or exceeded the quality of similar handmade concentrates. Tinctures, for example, normally take a minimum of 48 hours in a freezer to extract a sufficient amount of THC. This does it in just 4 hours—1/12th the time—and, compared to the tincture we made for the previous How-To post, this stuff delivered a nearly equivalent kick with a far mellower tastemore wheatgrass juice than bong water. Plus there's practically zero waste, you don't have to worry about over-roasting your buds while decarboxylating them, and there's much less smell than with the conventional double-boiler systems.

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Should You Buy It?

If you love THC but hate smoking or vaping, your only real viable option is to ingest it. And if you don't want to pay $5-10 per cookie at the dispensary, then yes, you should buy an MB2 right now and just start making your own. It retails for $175 at the Magical Butter store.