Image: Taco Bell

Life is full of mysteries. Some of them are simple, like, “If there’s a god, why is there evil in the world?” Others are far more illusive and can only be answered by the collective wisdom of the world wide web. On Monday, a poster on Reddit’s /r/taco_bell subpage inadvertently posed a question of the latter variety, observing, “The green stuff on the tacos is good.”

Image: Reddit

“I got Doritos logos tacos and there was some crunchy green topping,” noted user tepidstringysemen, “it was really good.”

Informed the substance in question was, in fact, lettuce, our hero conceded, “Yeah I looked it up, that’s what it was.”

Image: Reddit

Surprisingly, tepidstringysemen denied being both high or a widdle-bitty baby.


“I’m 18, I’ve had lettuce before but never in combination with a dorito loco taco. I think my brain was too overwhelmed by the nacho cheese taco shell itself to fully comprehend the lettuce and recognize it for what it was,” he wrote, making a strong case for tacos and a poor one for himself.

More likely than not, tepidstringysemen is just a troll. But I want to believe in the mystery. Don’t you?