Every iPad Air on Sale, Roku 3 for $70, Titanfall Bundle [Deals]

For most people, the iPad Air is probably the best tablet you can buy, and Best Buy today has some of the best deals we've seen on Apple's flagship, with discounts ranging from $50 off a 16GB Wi-Fi model to $105 off higher capacity LTE models. Typically, iPad deals only apply the cheapest SKU, so it's nice to see some variety in today's offerings.

Update: This might be a price mistake, but Best Buy has a 32GB Retina iPad Mini available for $410 with a new Verizon month-to-month data contract. This model goes for $630 bought outright, and since the data is month-to-month, you can cancel at anytime. Considering that the 16GB Wi-Fi model is only $10 less than this, I wouldn't expect it to last long.

iPad Air Sale | Best Buy

Retina iPad Mini 32GB LTE | $410

Every iPad Air on Sale, Roku 3 for $70, Titanfall Bundle [Deals]


If you're curious about owning a NAS, this Buffalo LinkStation enclosure is a low-cost point of entry to try it out. Reviews are middling, but a recent firmware update seems to have fixed a lot of complaints, so take them with a grain of salt.

Buffalo LinkStation 421e Diskless NAS Enclosure | $119

Every iPad Air on Sale, Roku 3 for $70, Titanfall Bundle [Deals]

We don't need to tell you that the Roku 3 is awesome. If you don't mind buying refurbished, you can have one for just $70 from Newegg today.

refurb Roku 3 | $70 With Coupon Code EMCYTZT5774

Every iPad Air on Sale, Roku 3 for $70, Titanfall Bundle [Deals]

There's a little game called Titanfall coming out in a few weeks. You might have heard of it. If you're interested in such things, you can get a new Xbox One console, a month of free Xbox Live Gold, and a Titanfall digital download code for $500, which is the price you would normally pay for the console alone.


pre-order Xbox One Titanfall Bundle | $500

Every iPad Air on Sale, Roku 3 for $70, Titanfall Bundle [Deals]

In honor of the 86th Academy Awards, Amazon has knocked the price of two excellent movie collections way down. Pick up the 9-film MGM Best of Award Winners blu-ray set, which includes Rocky, Midnight Cowboy, and 7 more classics, or the Columbia Best Pictures Collection on DVD, which comes with 11 must-owns including On the Waterfront and Kramer vs. Kramer.

MGM Best of Awards Winners 9-film blu-ray set | $44

Columbia Best Pictures Collection 11-film dvd set | $55




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