PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.41 Coming "Midweek"

Sony's firmware 2.40 for the PS3 was pulled from servers after bricking several systems. Now at least one customer support service is reporting that firmware 2.41 will be released later this week. While Sony has yet to send out an official press release on the topic, it's looking like those who didn't download their … » 7/07/08 8:48am 7/07/08 8:48am

PS3 Firmware Update 2.40 Arriving for E3, Plus Full Feature List

The PS3 firmware update you've really, really been waiting for-2.40, which brings in XMB access and achievements-you're gonna have to wait a little longer for. Like, 'til E3. CVG says that Sony's holding the update back for its address at E3 in about three weeks. But, to tide you over, they've got the supposed full… » 6/25/08 9:20am 6/25/08 9:20am

Next PlayStation Firmware Update Bringing In-Game XMB?

There's some pretty heavy rumorage that Sony's next PS3 firmware update, 2.4, will bring long-awaited in-game XMB. (That just means players will be able to load the menu system without closing their game.) In addition, we're supposed to see trophies (ala Xbox Achievements) supported as well. There's a lot of buzz… » 5/30/08 10:00am 5/30/08 10:00am

Jack Bauer Really Does Save Us From Terrorists

As far fetched as some of the tech the spy community plays with is, you'd think they were getting it from spy movies and stuff. Well, they're definitely watching. The Department of Homeland Security's latest idea to protect airports, a laser equipped drone that'll detect and blind missiles with a low-power laser… » 5/23/08 6:00pm 5/23/08 6:00pm

Apple Store Special Deals Blowout Includes $400-Off Aluminum iMac 24"

Apple is blowing out a whole bunch of Apple-certified refurbished models, from a current generation aluminum iMac 24" (amazing machine that I use daily) for $1,899 with free shipping in 24 hours (that's $400 off the sticker price), to a previous generation $1,499 2.33GHz MacBook Pro 15" ($1,000 off) or a $1,899… » 2/29/08 5:32am 2/29/08 5:32am

Vudu Adds Fox TV Shows to its VOD Lineup, Kicks off HD Downloading

Starting today in beta, Vudu owners can pay $1.99 a piece for episodes of 24, Family Guy, Firefly and other Fox-produced shows in standard-def video. Today also marks the availability of the Bourne Ultimatum for purchase in high-def. Though the $399 Vudu's signature attribute is immediate viewing of movies, we're told… » 12/11/07 11:17am 12/11/07 11:17am

24's Unaired 1994 Pilot Sticks Jack Bauer with Dialup, Lycos, Dot Matrix Printers

Our friends over at CollegeHumor heard that 24 was delayed due to the writer's strike, so they combed through the archives and found this pilot from way back in 1994. As you can see, Jack Bauer is just as intense when stuck dealing with pagers, 1-800-Collect, and AOL as he is using more modern accoutrements. Damn… » 11/09/07 5:40pm 11/09/07 5:40pm

In Japan, 24 Has a Theme Song, and It's Ridiculous

24 is coming backmay or may not be coming back due to the strike, but there's a teaser freshly available on Xbox Live to whet your palate for yet another highly improbable, explosion-filled day, whenever it's coming. To give you an idea of what the show's like in the Far East, here are a couple of commercials for it… » 11/08/07 1:55pm 11/08/07 1:55pm