PlayStation 3 2.40 Firmware Now Live (Trophies, In-Game XMB)

Go download that 2.40 firmware update now for your PS3! It's got trophies, in-game XMB as well as a Google Search Bar. The trophies (achievements from Xbox 360) will be great for hardcore gamers, and the in-game XMB, which allows you to access various settings and send messages to your friends while inside games,… »7/02/08 1:11am7/02/08 1:11am

PS3 Firmware Update 2.40 Arriving for E3, Plus Full Feature List

The PS3 firmware update you've really, really been waiting for-2.40, which brings in XMB access and achievements-you're gonna have to wait a little longer for. Like, 'til E3. CVG says that Sony's holding the update back for its address at E3 in about three weeks. But, to tide you over, they've got the supposed full… »6/25/08 9:20am6/25/08 9:20am