Bundle a Car Charger and Dash Mount Today for Just $13

In 2014, every car on the road should probably have two USB charging ports at the very minimum, and a good cradle to hold your phone at eye level when you use it as a GPS. If any of your vehicles don't meet these criteria, you can kill two birds with one stone for just $13 today. » 8/20/14 9:16am 8/20/14 9:16am

Amazon's New Mobile Card Reader Brutally Undercuts Square And PayPal

Look who crashed Square's payments-on-the-go party. Amazon just announced its own credit card reader and app combination called Amazon Local Register, which will enable anyone from your mom organizing a yard sale to taco trucks use a smartphone or a tablet to instantly accept credit card payments. » 8/13/14 4:48am 8/13/14 4:48am

$75 gets you $100 in Android App Credit Today on Amazon

We see a fair number of iTunes gift card deals around these parts, but discounts on Android app credit are basically nonexistent. Today though, Amazon is filling the void with $100 in Amazon Coins, valid for the purchase of apps and in-app purchases from the Android Appstore, for just $75. » 8/01/14 3:15pm 8/01/14 3:15pm