A Baby Monitor App Captured the Adorable Truth of What Happens When a…

Say it with me now: Hahahawwwwwhahah. This awesome toddler is named Jude and this video shows what he's actually doing when his parents shut off the lights and try to make him sleep. It's punishingly adorable. » 2/25/13 10:00pm 2/25/13 10:00pm

The Science of Power Naps

The concept of the power naps divides opinion: some people firmly stand by them, while others think they offer no tangible benefit at all. If you're a doubter, this video may be enough to convince you that they really do work. » 7/25/12 5:14am 7/25/12 5:14am

Napmosphere - Office Productivity Suite?

George Costanza would not be able to fit this translucent cocoon-like shelter under his desk, but it is meant for power napping and it can be stowed in a sports bag. This is one of four prototypes developed by architecture students from the University of Stuttgart in support of research showing that short daytime… » 2/01/06 10:29am 2/01/06 10:29am