This Handheld Radar Will Track Disaster Victims by Their Heartbeats

Building collapses are a tragic and overwhelmingly fatal occurrence in the developing world. But that could soon change once NASA and the DHS's revolutionary, handheld radar unit comes to fruition. It scans for and identifies buried building collapse victims based solely on their breathing patterns and heartbeats. »9/26/13 11:35am9/26/13 11:35am


Sony Vaio FW and SR Series: First 16.4-Inch Notebook, MacBook-Style Keyboards

Two series of Vaio Centrino 2 consumer notebooks: FW is the world's first 16.4-inch widescreen notebook, meant to deliver a 17-inch widescreen 16:9 experience in a 15-incher's footprint. (The math sort of works.) It's optimized for HD and Blu-ray playback (though optional) with built-in PS3 and Vaio Home Theater PC… »7/14/08 9:00pm7/14/08 9:00pm