This Man Counted to 100,000 in 77 Hours for Your Viewing Pleasure

This is Jon. He recently recorded himself counting to 100,00, one deliberately paced integer at a time. Join him won't you? At least for a little? You don't often get to stare so directly into the face of madness. » 8/15/11 8:20pm 8/15/11 8:20pm

No Budget Indie Film Has Grossed $200K in iTunes Sales

Here's a story that everyone will love, except Hollywood. An Indie film, made with absolutely no money and a DSLR camera, has grossed over $200,000 and climbed into iTunes Top 100 Movies. » 7/21/11 11:31pm 7/21/11 11:31pm

How Hackers Could Have Stolen 24,000 Pentagon Files

We're all human, you know? That's roughly the trick that the hackers most likely relied on when, earlier this year, they managed to steal over 24,000 files from a defense contractor. » 7/18/11 11:00am 7/18/11 11:00am

Canadian Man Caught Stealing a House

It's not everyday that y
ou read about a stolen house. Not the entire contents of a house, but the actual house itself.
Such is the plight of a man from Brampton, ON Canada who was shocked to find his 45-foot long double-wide mobile home was stolen from his rural property. While he was away, someone hooked up the… » 6/21/11 7:24pm 6/21/11 7:24pm

More Than 50,000 Palm Pres Sold, More than 150,000 Apps Downloaded

We don't have hard numbers yet, but according to some analysts, Palm probably sold between 50,000 and 60,000 Pres in this opening weekend, and Palm verifies over 150,000 app downloads in the first day alone. » 6/08/09 12:20pm 6/08/09 12:20pm

$300,000 Watch Doesn't Tell Time, But Shows if the Sun is Up

Do you know when you see something so completely retarded, you have no response other than to rub your face with your hands and mumble to yourself, "What the fuck?" That's exactly what we did when we saw this $300,000 Day&Night watch that doesn't tell the time, but shows you whether the sun is up basied on Tourbillon… » 4/07/08 8:15pm 4/07/08 8:15pm

Jetpack with a 10 Mile Range Available Soon for $226,000

Jetpacks, the invention we've all been waiting to become a reality for as long as we can remember (along with flying cars and teleporters), are pretty much a reality at this point. While a few months ago the only two commercially available jetpacks had paltry flying times of about 30 seconds, Jet Pack International… » 12/12/07 5:00pm 12/12/07 5:00pm