Hitachi UltraThin 1.5-Inch LCDs Finally Hitting US Soil

Six months after announcing it would bring its 1.5"-thick UltraThin line to the US, Hitachi is finally starting to ship product. Sizes range from 32" to 47" and 1080p from 37" and up—previously we thought the line would stop at 42". HD Guru tells us they don't have integrated HD tuners, so you'll have to use your… »5/02/08 9:45am5/02/08 9:45am

Hitachi Builds 1.5-inch Ultra Thin Plasma To Go With Its 1.5-Inch LCDs

As excited as we were when Hitachi showed off its 1.5" full-production LCDs in October, we were even more excited to know that they've pulled off a plasma of the same thick—rather, thinness. They may not be the 9mm plasma that Pioneer is apparently boasting, but plasma has been traditionally thicker and heavier than… »1/04/08 3:15pm1/04/08 3:15pm