The Biggest Winners and Losers of Comic-Con 2013!

San Diego Comic-Con is a white-hot furnace in which projects are made, or destroyed. Some emerge from the flames stronger, with invincible buzz levels, while others are melted down. Here's our list of the people and projects that gained buzz from Comic-Con, and the ones that lost some of their buzz. » 7/22/13 6:47pm 7/22/13 6:47pm

OLPC Laptop Hits Embarrassing $200 Milestone

During the OLPC price hike from $175 to $188, a spokesman said they were committed to keeping the price below $190, and probably below $200 if possible. This was in September—a month and a half ago. Guess they weren't trying very hard, since the laptops have just made the jump to $200. Besides being symbolic for being… » 10/29/07 5:40pm 10/29/07 5:40pm

Sennheiser VMX100 Bluetooth Headset Has VoiceMax Voice Distinguishing Technology

Sennheiser's latest Bluetooth headset, the VMX 100, has on-board technology that distinguishes the human voice from background noise in order to provide a clearer outgoing sound during conversations. We're unsure how well the headset will distinguish background noise when the background noise is actually human… » 9/24/07 7:20pm 9/24/07 7:20pm

$100 Laptop Starts Mass Production, In Kids Hands October 2007

A major milestone in the OLPC saga has just been reached. After hyping it for five years, the "$100" laptop is finally ready to hit mass production, and should be in kids' eager paws by October of this year. Unfortunately for said kids, the porn sites that they're so looking forward to browsing will be filtered out… » 7/23/07 3:20pm 7/23/07 3:20pm

Xantrex XPower PowerSource Mobile 100 Portable Battery Backup Weighs a Pound

Xantrex, isn't only the King of the Southern Elves. He makes mini battery backup systems. This one's a paperback-sized portable power source theoretically good for an extra 2.5 hours on your laptop. It also has USB ports for charging phones and other gadgets that can feed off of them. And a 12-volt car power inverter,… » 8/29/06 12:39pm 8/29/06 12:39pm