Seeing surfers at 1000 FPS is like watching a sea monster swallow people

If you're not convinced that the ocean isn't just one giant sea monster, here is some evidence for your fantasy theory: this video of surfers surfing at 1000 FPS. Come on, the ocean totally looks like a monster here! More reasonable view: it's a really amazing surfing video captured gloriously in beautiful slow motion. » 10/30/14 8:20pm 10/30/14 8:20pm

Watching Skateboarding Fails at 1000FPS Is Actually Quite Fun

Life needs to be in slow motion. Everything is a little more ethereal and a helluva lot more fun at 1000FPS, you know? Just like these skateboarders who are falling and eating shit while screwing up skateboard tricks. They look like they're dancing! » 8/08/11 9:45am 8/08/11 9:45am

Watching Fish Eating at 1,000 Frames-per-second Makes Me Hungry

I just want to eat sushi at the same speed as these fish other smaller fish. Which, mind you, it's not far from my usual speed. Nom nom. [Thanks Oscar!] » 7/18/11 4:40pm 7/18/11 4:40pm

Watching Vibrations at 1,000 FPS Is Very Stimulating

I don't know what's better, watching the cymbal jiggle and shudder like I never imagined metal could or seeing the cute dog bust a rendition of the harlem shake. All I know for sure: life is better at 1,000FPS. [Fluke via OhHaveYouSeenThis] » 6/23/11 10:20am 6/23/11 10:20am

Watch the World's Best Pitcher Throw a Baseball at 1000 FPS

Tim Lincecum, pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, is as unique and unorthodox as hurlers come. Though he's considered short for a dominant pitcher, Lincecum can somehow drum up the power to smoke his fastball past batters. Against all odds, he's very probably, super likely the best pitcher in baseball. How does… » 4/13/11 2:20pm 4/13/11 2:20pm

The Beauty of Surfing at 1000fps

How do you make surfing on Oahu's North Shore an even more stunning balance of grace and power? YouTuber Devin Graham did it by capturing boards and bodies in motion at 1000fps with an 800mm lens on a Canon 7D. Can someone go back in time and reshoot Point Break like this? Please? [The High Definite] » 3/24/11 3:20pm 3/24/11 3:20pm

Tips For Shooting the Best Slow-Motion Video

Classic films like Reservoir Dogs, Top Gun and Wayne's World employ slow-motion for emotional impact. Now that Casio, Samsung, JVC, LG and Ricoh cameras and phones tout slow-mo, amateurs can wield this same mighty power: » 3/10/09 2:00pm 3/10/09 2:00pm