Sharp Creates First 100GB Blu-ray Disc

Thanks to nifty lasers, Sharp has created the first 100GB Blu-ray disc. The new Blu-ray format, called VR-100BR1, uses a new triple-layer standard that allows storage space of up to 128GB on single-write discs and 100GB on re-writable discs. » 7/24/10 1:00pm 7/24/10 1:00pm

Sharp Develops Laser Capable of Reading and Burning 100GB Blu-Ray Discs

Sharp has announced that they've been working on a laser which would "allow a drive to read twice as deep as current dual-layer Blu-ray drives" and "let it write at 8X speed on all four layers." Wowza. What this means is that we might be seeing triple-layer and quad-layer Blu-ray discs with capacities of up to 100GB… » 9/11/09 7:05pm 9/11/09 7:05pm

Pretec's Stumps Up 64GB Compact Flash Card, and 100GB: World's Largest

100GB CF cards.... holy moly that's huge. Pretec's saying it's the world's largest capacity CF, and I'm not going to argue. It's a 233x speed card, capable of access rates at 35MB/s and it, along with its smaller 64GB sibling, is being shown at Photokina this week. Not satisfied with that though, Pretec's also… » 9/23/08 3:58am 9/23/08 3:58am

Hitachi Doubles Blu-ray Storage to 100GB

Although 200GB storage discs for Blu-ray have been out and about for a while, no player can actually read them. However, Hitachi's just raised the bar of practicality (as opposed to the bar of numbers on a spec sheet) to 100GB. These discs will work in existing players without the need to update your firmware. Good… » 10/05/07 10:17am 10/05/07 10:17am

How to Upgrade Your Creative Zen Vision W Hard Drive to 100GB

People have made the case for choosing a Creative Zen W over both the iPod or the Zune (16:9 display, DivX support, 4.3-inch screen), but the storage size has always been a little lacking, even in the 60GB model. By upgrading the drive to 100GB, you're one-upping the iPod in both space and screen size. The process… » 7/23/07 2:00pm 7/23/07 2:00pm

Toshiba Announces 100GB 1.8-inch Drive; 100GB iPod on the Way?

Toshiba announced it will ship a 100GB 1.8-inch hard disk next month, the largest yet of this size. The little drive spins at 4200rpm and happens to be exactly the right size to fit into an Apple iPod. » 12/05/06 7:57am 12/05/06 7:57am

Axes VP8360 100GB PMP

So, does size really matter? No, according to all of my ex-girlfriends, but they were probably just being nice. I'm going to also vote no to this portable media player from Axes. It has a blisteringly large 100GB internal hard drive in addition to expansion for Compact Flash, SD, MMC, Micro and all of the Sony… » 7/05/06 2:28pm 7/05/06 2:28pm