Sharp Develops Laser Capable of Reading and Burning 100GB Blu-Ray Discs

Sharp has announced that they've been working on a laser which would "allow a drive to read twice as deep as current dual-layer Blu-ray drives" and "let it write at 8X speed on all four layers." Wowza. What this means is that we might be seeing triple-layer and quad-layer Blu-ray discs with capacities of up to 100GB… »9/11/09 7:05pm9/11/09 7:05pm

Pretec's Stumps Up 64GB Compact Flash Card, and 100GB: World's Largest

100GB CF cards.... holy moly that's huge. Pretec's saying it's the world's largest capacity CF, and I'm not going to argue. It's a 233x speed card, capable of access rates at 35MB/s and it, along with its smaller 64GB sibling, is being shown at Photokina this week. Not satisfied with that though, Pretec's also… »9/23/08 3:58am9/23/08 3:58am

How to Upgrade Your Creative Zen Vision W Hard Drive to 100GB

People have made the case for choosing a Creative Zen W over both the iPod or the Zune (16:9 display, DivX support, 4.3-inch screen), but the storage size has always been a little lacking, even in the 60GB model. By upgrading the drive to 100GB, you're one-upping the iPod in both space and screen size. The process… »7/23/07 2:00pm7/23/07 2:00pm