LG HT752TP and HT702TN: New Ninja Announces Home Theater Systems or Something

LG keeps trying to blind the world with their latest models, even when they are not holding phones. This one is holding some kind of Stargate pyramid model made of aluminum, the LG HT752TP. Their latest home theater comes with HDMI, DivX compatibility, electrostatic buttons guaranteed to drive you mad, a USB host… »3/12/07 9:33am3/12/07 9:33am

Hangar 101 Casemod Inspired By the Lousy Star Trek Series. No, the Other One.

Inspired by the killed-just-as-it-was-getting-good series Enterprise, this casemod is probably the most orange thing we've seen this side of Half-Life 2. It features external hard disks, crazy paneling, custom acrylic, and hours and hours of time that would have been spent playing Dungeons and Dragons Online. »2/26/07 7:05pm2/26/07 7:05pm