"Paper Replacement" Boogie Board Tablet Got Taller Since You Saw It Last

Remember the Boogie Board "tablet" that, factoring in 50,000 erases, cost less than paper? It's been super-sized to 10.5 inches, giving you basically twice the real estate to doodle or leave disgusting dorm door messages. You still can't record your sketches or writing, but depending on how indecent your friends are,… »6/09/11 1:20pm6/09/11 1:20pm


Question of the Day: Do Hourly Time Machine Backups Piss You Off?

Lately I've been getting really annoyed at Time Machine. It's running over the network to a Time Capsule, so it's basically got free rein to backup whenever it damn well pleases, or specifically once per hour, at a time of its own choosing. The result is a sudden system and network slowdown when I'm in the middle of… »3/27/08 3:00pm3/27/08 3:00pm

Dealzmodo: $20 off Leopard, $10 off Leopard Family Edition

Excited about all the new features in Leopard? Buy your copy from Amazon and you can get $20 off the single-user edition and $10 off the family edition. No catch as far as we can see, other than the fact that you're pre-ordering from an online store and thus probably won't get the product exactly on October 26. That's… »10/16/07 9:23pm10/16/07 9:23pm

Apple Answers Leopard Questions, Slaps MSFT On the Ass

Click to viewWe talked to Brian Croll, senior director, Mac OS X Product Marketing at Apple this morning about, yep, Leopard. We had quite a few questions, and Brian had answers for many of them. Here's the information we managed to eke out, including Leopard's demands on MacBook Pro battery life, the possibility of… »10/16/07 11:15am10/16/07 11:15am

Apple Confirms October 26th Leopard Ship Date, Preorders Start Now

Click to viewThe horse has spoken: The eagerly anticipated, occasionally delayed Mac OS 10.5 Leopard is finally shipping. It will be available in 10 days, on Friday, October 26th, at 6pm in Apple Stores and at authorized resellers. Leopard may be the most ambitious MacOS update since the switch to OS X, with new… »10/16/07 8:30am10/16/07 8:30am