Dish Network Will Broadcast in 1080p, Streaming Blu-ray Quality Video Now Possible (But Unlikely)

Dish Network is upgrading their boxes' firmware to display 1080p resolution. Given the lack of 1080p network source material, the existing 720p/1080i compressed HD signals, and the fact that there's no standard limiting the compression quality-1080p can be compressed to crap like any other picture-it's tough to… »7/31/08 12:00pm7/31/08 12:00pm

Meridian 10MP Projector Displays on 25-Foot Screen With No Pixelation

Meridian's 810 projector boldly claims to be the Reference Video System, and after seeing it for myself I think that's a fair assessment. The $185,000 box (that's right!) uses specially calibrated JVC D-ILA light engine panels to deliver a resolution of 4096 x 2400 pixels, or put simply, 10-freaking-megapixels.… »7/30/08 6:00am7/30/08 6:00am

Camcorder of the Future Shoots 360-Degrees of High Definition

This is kind of an astounding pixel catching setup, pulling in 360-degrees of 1080i video within a vertical plane of 50 degrees. BTW, 1080i is not that impressive, and maybe even necessary when doing a wrap-around picture. In the not-close future, expect a Gizmodo post on a version that does 4k pixel count in a… »11/20/07 4:50pm11/20/07 4:50pm

Canon HG10 is World's Smallest Hard Disk-Based HD Camcorder

Canon jumped into the hard disk camcorder market today with its HG10, the company's first high-definition hard drive camcorder and the world's smallest, weighing 19.92 ounces with the battery inside. That 40GB hard disk gives you 5.5 hours of AVCHD recording at its highest quality setting, compressing the video at… »8/01/07 9:00am8/01/07 9:00am

Helios H2000 Player Turns DVD Video to Pseudo-HD on the Cheap

The price of upscaling video free-falls even more with the Helios H2000 upscaling DVD player. Sure, this one can only crank your video up to 1080i, but its $99 price makes that quite an attractive option. It can also handle XviD, the efficient video format that's one of our favorites, and also popular among those who,… »7/23/07 11:17am7/23/07 11:17am

Hands-On: Canon's HR10 HD Camcorder Records on DVDs in Full 1080i

Click to viewCanon today rolled out its HR10 HD camcorder, which lays down 1080i images on a DVD. Using its 10x optical zoom lens, it acquires its footage using a full HD 1920x1080 CMOS image sensor, and records in the AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) video format onto an ordinary DVD. Except for that DVD… »5/07/07 11:30am5/07/07 11:30am

Sony Doesn't Solve PS3 1080i Scaling Problem, But Makes a Lame Attempt

Someday the PlayStation 3 will be able to upscale native 720p games to 1080i for those whose sets don't support 720p, and it looks like the latest SDK almost solves the problem. Game developers for the PS3 will now be able to access a hardware scaler to allow 720p games to automatically scale to 1080i, but the… »1/29/07 8:39am1/29/07 8:39am

Onkyo Wavio MP-1000J Portable AV Hard Drive Enclosure Keeps the Kids Quiet On Long Trips

Onkyo is better known for its fancy home entertainment equipment than its portable gear, but don't let that stop you from taking a look at the Wavio MP-1000J, a portable 2.5-inch hard drive with AV outputs. Imagine how many times you wished you had a way to transport some highly illegal Xvid to your friend's house but… »10/06/06 9:27am10/06/06 9:27am