LG Unveils a Gigantor 100-Inch Laser Projector: You're Gonna Need…

Conventional video projectors have remained largely a niche market for dedicated home theater enthusiasts on account of their difficult installation. However, a new breed of "home projector" has developed over the past few years into an increasingly viable alternative to flat panel televisions. And if LG's new 100-inch… » 12/26/12 3:00am 12/26/12 3:00am

Canon EOS 5D Mark III: Video Chompin, Darkness Slaying, Digital Single …

Nearly five years ago, the Canon 5D Mark II changed cameras forever by turning video into a DSLR feature. It became the darling of indie filmmakers, war photographers and anyone in between who had a need for incredibly convenient, visually distinctive moving pictures. It still is. But it's about to get one-upped.… » 3/02/12 12:00am 3/02/12 12:00am

The Pioneer Elite TV Is Back: Is It the Greatest LCD TV Ever Created?

The Pioneer Elite line was one of those wonderful things you really wanted but knew you'd never be able to afford. Then Pioneer stopped making them. And now they're back—just as stellar looking and crazily priced as ever. » 8/04/11 10:34am 8/04/11 10:34am

Renesas Wins DivX Plus HD Certification, For MKV Files on Your Phone

The DivX Corporation has awarded its first DivX Plus HD certificate to Renesas Mobile, producer of several HD-capable system-on-chip processors. Any phone that features Renesas Mobile's SH73704 will therefore be able to manage full HD 1080p playback, including the popular HD content ripping format MKV. In this age of… » 2/16/11 3:40am 2/16/11 3:40am

LG's Optimus 2X Caught Recording Video at 1080p

One of the many exciting bulletpoints illustrating LG's forthcoming Optimus 2X dual-core Android phone is its ability to record video at the full HD resolution of 1080p. But how does it look? Is the sensor man enough? Let's see... » 1/17/11 5:22am 1/17/11 5:22am