JVC DLA-SH4K Is World's Smallest 4K Resolution Projector: 10 Gorgeous Megapixels In Yer Face

No surprise that JVC is showing off their own ultra high-def 10MP wonder projector, since JVC's D-ILA tech »9/04/08 11:20am9/04/08 11:20am also powers the one we saw from Meridian . That means it should deliver the same stunning 4,096x2400 resolution image—it's like IMAX in your house. Or you can watch up to four full HD screens at once. The D-ILA…

Meridian 10MP Projector Displays on 25-Foot Screen With No Pixelation

Meridian's 810 projector boldly claims to be the Reference Video System, and after seeing it for myself I think that's a fair assessment. The $185,000 box (that's right!) uses specially calibrated JVC D-ILA light engine panels to deliver a resolution of 4096 x 2400 pixels, or put simply, 10-freaking-megapixels.… »7/30/08 6:00am7/30/08 6:00am