12-Megapixel Sony Ericsson Idou Is Now Satio; Smokin' Hot Model Sold…

Sony Ericsson gets it: Why show the 12-megapixel phone that's already been introduced, when you can just show it obscured in various ways by insanely beautiful women? » 5/28/09 3:35pm 5/28/09 3:35pm

Rumor: Samsung Announcing First 12MP Cameraphone This Month

Samsung is reportedly planning to announce the first 12MP cameraphone at the Mobile World Conference in about two weeks, lobbing another salvo of megapixels in the moment's most pointless technology race. » 2/02/09 7:15am 2/02/09 7:15am

Cheaptastic $199 12-Megapixel GE Camera Spotted on HSN

In case you were wondering when the final treaty would be signed in the megapixel war, I think today is as good as any day to call it. There's a 12-megapixel GE—that is to say, brand-licensing no-name Chinese manufacturer—camera selling on HSN for "under" $200. It even lists a 2.7" LCD, an SD/SDHC card slot (though up… » 3/12/08 8:30am 3/12/08 8:30am

Pentax Optio S12 Is the Tiniest 12-Megapixel Around

We're not saying pixel count matters anymore, or that anyone can tell the difference between an 8-megapixel shot and a 10-megapixel shot anyway, but if you want something unusual to brag about, the Pentax Optio S12 is certainly unique. The $280 camera has a 12-megapixel sensor not a whole lot else—that tiny little… » 1/23/08 5:00pm 1/23/08 5:00pm

Olympus FE Series Cameras Have Smile Recognition, Other Fun Features up…

Olympus' new FE cameras—FE-280 ($200), FE-290 ($250) and FE-300 ($300)—are built to be "fun" and "easy," with a smile-recognition program, a way to fix bad images on the fly, and other cool tricks, plus a 12-megapixel version for $300. » 8/23/07 12:00am 8/23/07 12:00am