Samsung Pixon 12: The First 12-Megapixel Cameraphone You Can Actually…

Fortunately, the Pixon's 12-megapixel claim to greatness, which guarantees you nothing at all except for the industry's largest file sizes, is complemented by some decent specs, starting with a 3.1" AMOLED touchscreen, 3G and FM radio. » 6/01/09 5:08am 6/01/09 5:08am

LG Says 12MP Camera Phone Might Come Later This Year

According to TechRadar, LG says they intend to develop a 12MP camera phone for later this year. The only other 12 megapixel camera slated for market is Sony Ericsson's Idou, which was announced at MWC. » 2/20/09 3:45pm 2/20/09 3:45pm

Rumor: Samsung Announcing First 12MP Cameraphone This Month

Samsung is reportedly planning to announce the first 12MP cameraphone at the Mobile World Conference in about two weeks, lobbing another salvo of megapixels in the moment's most pointless technology race. » 2/02/09 7:15am 2/02/09 7:15am