Mads Mikkelsen Teases Even More Tantalizing Rogue One Details

Mark Millar adds another comic book movie adaptation to his collection. Legends of Tomorrow casts more heroes for season two. Les Moonves talks about the Star Trek TV show’s release schedule. Kevin Smith will return to The Flash. Plus new images from X-Men Apocalypse, and Melissa McCarthy on Ghostbusters. Spoilers Now!

First Look at a Familiar Star Wars Spaceship That's Returning for Episode VIII

The cast of Fantastic Beasts says some well-known Harry Potter faces might show up. Supergirl’s producer offers a taste of what’s in store for Kara. James Gunn would love to include some Fox-owned characters in Guardians of the Galaxy. Plus, the first Iron Fist set pictures, and new Game of Thrones footage. Behold,…

Warning: 12 Monkeys Season 2 Is Dangerously Addictive

I’m mad at Syfy. They gave me the first eight episodes of 12 Monkeys season two several weeks ago. And since I watched those episodes, I’ve been on tenterhooks. If you thought 12 Monkeys was fascinating and crack-like in its first season, then you’re going to have a problem when season two starts tonight. No spoilers…

Try to Act Surprised: There Could Be a Way For Wolverine To Appear in X-Men Apocalypse

James Wan discusses Zack Snyder’s involvement in Aquaman. Preacher’s showrunner talks exploring the wilder aspects of the comic. Paul Reubens discusses his Gotham role. Plus, new pictures from The Walking Dead’s season finale, and Alfie Allen explains Theon’s new status quo on Game of Thrones. Spoilers!

More Details on Wonder Woman and the Rest of DC's Cinematic Universe

It’s a DC cinematic universe blowout, as Patty Jenkins addresses Amazon diversity in Wonder Woman, and Ben Affleck teases his rumored involvement with the Batman solo movie. Plus, a Sliders reboot may be happening, tons of pictures from Star Wars Rebels, and behind the scenes on the Flash/Supergirl crossover. Spoilers…

The Ultimate Guide to All the Science Fiction and Fantasy TV Shows Coming in 2016

This year is full of great science fiction and fantasy TV series. Actually, 2016 is too full. Seriously, check out how long this list of new, returning and potentially premiering shows due out over the next 12 months is. When are we going to get a chance to leave the house and watch all those great movies, or read all…