Watch La Jetée, the Incredible Experiment That Inspired 12 Monkeys

Syfy's forthcoming 12 Monkeys TV show is actually more than 50 years in the making. If you read the previews, you'll know that the show is based on the 1995 Terry Gilliam flick starring Bruce Willis. What you might not know is that that the Gilliam movie is based on a much older, much weirder short film by French… »7/15/14 8:00pm7/15/14 8:00pm

12 Monkeys: This Is How You Adapt a Weird Short Film

You probably haven't seen La jetée. It's a weird, but interesting French short film from the 60s, composed mostly of photographs. It's almost a slideshow. I actually saw it during an English class (weird, right?) in college, and while it was interesting—intellectually stimulating even—I didn't enjoy watching it. I'm… »9/08/12 9:00pm9/08/12 9:00pm