Gears of War 2 Zune Coming on Nov 7, Preorders Start in the Morning

Killing two marketing birds with one stone, Microsoft's bundling some of its Zunes with various Gears of War 2 (launching soon!) paraphernalia. Each 120GB Zune will sport a laser-etched "Crimson Omen" and come pre-loaded with 244 pieces of media, including the soundtrack, behind-the-scene videos and concept art. The… »10/01/08 12:07am10/01/08 12:07am


Microsoft Fesses Up to 120GB Zune, Laughs While We Eat Their Breadcrumbs

When an FCC filing reveals a company's product, there's usually this awkward silence from all corporate parties involved who wait for an arbitrary date to make any real announcements. Microsoft, proving that they do indeed read the internet »8/27/08 10:04am8/27/08 10:04am, has admitted their plans to release a 120GB Zune and teased developments to…